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I formed Acton Lane Publishing so I could publish the kinds of colourful and imaginative children’s story picture books I loved reading when I was younger. I was always very fond of reading and being read to, and would often be mesmerised by the stories my dad read to me (sometimes making them up himself) before bedtime. These stories really fired up my imagination. I remember frantically trying to come up with story ideas and excitedly trying to get what was in my head down on paper. In my late teens I discovered the joy of writing poetry and now, in my adult years, I am relishing using my imagination to write the types of stories I cherished as a child. 

Writing my first book, Bruce Beaver’s Amazing Race, has been a fantastic experience, and working with an amazing illustrator – who took the ideas in my head and translated them onto the page – was just the icing on the cake. I hope children and adults alike enjoy reading my first book as much I enjoyed writing it, but most importantly, I hope it encourages the imaginations of young minds to dream big.

Christopher Read
(Founder of Acton Lane Publishing) 
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